What is Binary Options?



Binary Options is a set of financial instruments that provide investors with pre-defined risk/reward levels on each trade. Available markets to trade Binary Options include asset classes such as stocks, indices, currencies, commodities, and futures markets.

The amount of money that investors pay to open a Binary Options position is known as a premium. The premium reflects the value of the Binary Options contract. As a Binary Options contract increases in value over time – so may its premium, whereas Binary Options positions that lose value over time will have their premiums decrease in value.

When investors enter the market with a binary options contract, their maximum potential loss is known in advance. In certain cases, the maximum profit is also known beforehand.

The reason for this is because the maximum risk when buying a Binary Options contract is limited to the premium paid. In other words, the premium paid to open the position represents the maximum risk on that position.



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Why the tournaments model?


The binary options industry has been in question recently for many factors but mainly that it is a business model that feeds on the lost positions of its traders.

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